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Dreamz's decision stirs ‘Survivor’ fans

Viewers of reality shows know that people will lie, cheat and steal to try and gain any advantage on the path to a million-dollar prize. Yet that didn't mean "Survivor: Fiji" viewers weren't appalled when Dreamz went back on his word Sunday night.
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Viewers of reality shows know that people will lie, cheat and steal to try and gain any advantage on the path to a million-dollar prize. Yet that didn't mean "Survivor: Fiji" viewers weren't appalled when Dreamz went back on his word Sunday night.

Earlier in the show, Yau-Man had offered to give his new truck, a prize from the show, to Dreamz in exchange for Dreamz giving up immunity to Yau-Man later on. However much Dreamz wanted a truck, this was not a good gamble, unless Dreamz managed to get Yau-Man voted off early. But Yau-Man had the immunity idol, and as luck and "Survivor" would have it, he did end up in the final four, as did Dreamz.

But Dreamz went back on his word, in front of Yau-Man, the other competitors, host Jeff Probst and millions of viewers nationwide. (And, as far as we know, he didn't give back the truck.) Viewers are furious. is receiving much more mail complaining about Dreamz than about the show's actual winner, Earl.

Here's just a sampling of your feedback.

DREAMZ A LOSER“Dreamz lost his integrity, and a million dollars by going back on his word to Yau-Man. The only thing worse was the fact that he then lied to the jury and Jeff P. by saying that this was his game plan all along. Dreamz is a pathetic loser. I feel sorry for his son.”    --Kathleen

FORUM FOR DECEIT “Yau-man should have won. Dreamz was very dirty to play him the way he did. He broke a promise to steal a truck from a nice, old man. I hope he lives to regret that very public betrayal. I was so mad when Earl voted him off after Dreamz betrayed him that I turned off the tv. I think this has become a forum for deceit and lying and for that I will not watch another show.”    --Sue

“Earl was great and deserved the money. Dreamz was a dishonest fool and deserves nothing.”    --Janie

GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY“Earl was a deserving WINNER! But being black I am ashamed of Dreamz, but God doesn’t like ugly and his day will come. I just watch portions of the show and when I saw blacks were winning, I admit I watched the ending.”    --Anonymous

TRUCK WILL RUST“As far as Dreamz is concerned there is a line that even in Survivor you don’t cross. Everyone expects a few lies and deceptions. When he accepted that truck, which was a magnanimous gift, he needed to have as high a character as the person who gave it to him. Unfortunately he didn’t. Had he shown some integrity, even if it meant demise for him, he would have recieved great admiration from the public, and quite possibly some doors may have opened up for him after the show was over. Unfortunately, all he has now is his truck which will rust over time and his sorry reputation.”     --Terri

“I don’t know why I was surprised when Dreamz backpedaled on his deal with Yau-man...While I understand that the reality of giving up a chance for a million weighed heavily for a guy who had spent a lot of his life homeless, I also wonder how he can live with himself and whether the whole bit about wanting his son to be proud of him, was a crock. What might have made amends at the reunion would have been for Dreamz to give back the car. I know...even more unrealistic than the show.”    --Erin

DREAMZ WAS RIGHT“It’s a game not real life. On every previous show, players lied and cheat to win. Dreamz played the game exactly correct. You don’t give away what you can’t afford to lose.”    --Linda

PROMISE TO GOD“I would have voted for Yau-Man. And I feel it would have been only fair if Dreamz did not have to give Yau-Man Immunity then Yau could take the truck back. But Yau would never go back on his word. Dreamz’s son should never be proud of his father for making a promise to God. What a low-down man Dreamz turned out to be. It was a good season until the last two episodes.”    --Beannie

YAU SHOULD GET A CAR“No, it wasn’t okay for Dreamz to betray Yau-Man, it was dishonest (he even swore to God) Wrong! Yau-Man should have won - and I was so disappointed that Yau-Man did not get a car on last night’s show!”    --Charlene

GIVE MONEY TO YAU“I think Survivor should have given Yau-Man a $100,000 prize for being as honorable and trusting as a man could be. You gave prizes before to the most popular so why didn’t he receive anything?”    --Fran

LOSER“I think that either Earl or Yau-Man were deserving winners. Dreamz is a pig and a loser. That is why, at his age, he doesn’t even have a CAR! He has a loser job. He will probably end up wrecking that expensive truck. Loser, loser, loser. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes on judgment day. Cassandra is a loser to. She did NOTHING in the game and I have NO respect for her.”    --Julie

GAMES INCLUDE HONOR“Earl was the right one to win. I think Dreamz betraying Yau-Man was a total betrayal of trust and word. I understand this is a game...but games do include trust and words of honor. If this is the way Survivor is going to be played, I will not watch it again.”    --Kathy