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Drake Cancels Concert Following Family Death

The show doesn't always have to go on. Not at first, at least.
/ Source: E!online

The show doesn't always have to go on. Not at first, at least.

Drake has cancelled a concert appearance that was supposed to take place tomorrow night as part of the Universal Studio's Summer Concert Series after learning that his uncle passed away. Instead, the rapper will be spending time with his family.

His camp spoke out about the situation, saying:

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"We regret to announce that Drake will not be able to take the stage at Universal Orlando Resort due to a death in the family.

"He hopes that his fans understand the situation he finds himself in and know that he fully intends to return to the area in the future. He thanks Universal Orlando Resort and his fans for their continued support."

This isn't the first time Drake had to drop a singing gig to spend time with his family. Last year, he scrapped a summer tour of Europe to nurse his mother back to health after she underwent surgery.

Rapper, actor and family man? Seems he can do it all.

And, Drake, we're positive your fans won't hold this one against ya!

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