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Dr. Phil targets moochers in reality series

Slackers will be removed from the homes of friends and relatives
/ Source: Reuters

TV therapist Dr. Phil is making his first venture into reality television, targeting deadbeats who have outlived the hospitality of their friends and families.

A six-episode primetime series called “Moochers,” the brainchild of Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay McGraw, has been picked up by CBS, a spokesman for the duo’s production company Stage 29 said Tuesday.

In the show, which is still in the early development stages with no air date, slackers will be removed from the homes of long suffering friends and relatives, helped to stand on their own feet and found jobs.

“It will be serious with an extreme edge. I think they will do something adventurous — like having someone shovel elephant dung as a job,” said spokesman Chandler Hayes.

The McGraws will executive produce. Dr. Phil will not host, but may appear on camera to offer advice, having already probed the subject on his daily syndicated advice show.