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Dr. Phil grills 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham about her behavior

"Teen Mom” may have gone off the air eight months ago, but one of its stars, Farrah Abraham, has had no problem keeping herself in the spotlight. In one month’s span, she was arrested for a DUI and admitted to making a pornographic film with adult-film star James Deen, causing her fans and critics to wonder: What the heck is she thinking?

Abraham will have to answer some tough questions when she sits down with Dr. Phil McGraw on Friday’s episode of “The Dr. Phil Show.”

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In a teaser clip for the episode, Dr. Phil confronts Abraham for driving drunk, but she refuses to take responsibility for her actions.

“I drove around a corner and parked,” she tells him.

“So you were driving drunk?” he asks.

“I was actually parked, so, no, I was not driving drunk,” Abraham answers, seeming annoyed that Dr. Phil was questioning her story.

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In another segment of the teaser, Abraham downplays the fact that she filmed the adult movie, telling Dr. Phil, “I made my own personal video,” and that she didn’t care if the public wasn't buying her explanation. (Last week, Deen revealed that Abraham had made the film with the intention of leaking it as a sex tape.)

Abraham’s father, Michael, and her mother, Debra Danielson, will also be featured on the episode and will speak out on their daughter’s recent erratic behavior.

In the teaser, Abraham appears to become increasingly irritated at Dr. Phil throughout the interview, even telling him at one point, “I’m sorry I’m here.”

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Dr. Phil has little sympathy for the former MTV reality personality and continues to prod her.

“Unlike your mother I don’t care if you throw a fit or don’t,” he tells her. “You’re upset because I ask questions that you don’t have good answers for.”

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