Dr. Phil to Dina Lohan: You've 'been phony' on my show

By Anna Chan, TODAY

The "Dr. Phil" show is on a roll with jaw-dropping episodes. Thursday, it aired an intervention with a former "Top Model" contestant turned meth addict. And this coming Monday, "Dr. Phil" will be airing what it calls a "rare one-on-one interview" with Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina. Judging from the teaser clip, it'll be an epic chat.

As Dr. Phil begins asking questions, Dina turns to the cameras and asks, "Are we to camera now or rolling?" The strange behavior by the starlet's mom only increases from there, with Dina randomly giggling and crying, throwing insults at the doctor and apparently still denying the seriousness of her famous daughter's legal issues.

An exasperated Dr. Phil finally snaps, "You have come on here and been phony, flittin' around ..."

One person not surprised by her behavior was ex-husband Michael Lohan. During a video chat with Dr. Phil, Lindsay's dad asks him, "Was she drinking before she did your interview?"

Check it out:

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