'Downton Abbey' cast chronicles final days on set via social media

/ Source: TODAY

The farewells have started on the set of "Downton Abbey," where cast members of the beloved British drama are wrapping up their final scenes and shedding tons of #tears in the process.

Elizabeth McGovern used the hashtag as she posted photos from her last day on the set, including one of her dressed as her alter-ego Lady Cora.

She also bid adieu to Hugh Bonneville by using the nickname that fans have given to the television couple.

The popular period series is nearly done filming its sixth and final season, prompting other cast members to share photos (and electronic tears) from the set, tagging them with the hashtag #LastDaysOfDownton.

The cast also gave plenty of love to the "Downton" producers and behind-the-scene crew members.

The sixth season of "Downton Abbey" will air in the U.S. this winter.