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Don't worry, Kathie Lee! Being 60 looks better than ever

What a difference a few decades can make for women — at least when it comes to what’s available in makeup, beauty products and medical treatments.

With only a day to go until Kathie Lee’s 60th birthday, the Fourth Hour took a look on Thursday at what 60 has looked like over the years.

Actress Ellen Corby, for example, was 60 when she first played Grandma Esther in the 1971 pilot for “The Waltons." Yet, she looks far older than the 62-year-old Kirstie Alley, who probably has not been confused for anyone's grandmother.

Ellen Corby, left, and Kirstie Alley, right, show how different 60 looks these days.

“See what getting your roots done does for you?” KLG said after looking at a split screen of the two ladies.

And compare Irene Ryan, who was 60 when she first played Granny on “Beverly Hillbillies,” to the “much older” Bernadette Peters and Phylicia Rashad, both of whom are 65.

Hoda and Kathie Lee were probably most blown away by the difference between actress Francis Bavier and model Christie Brinkley.

Frances Bavier and Christie Brinkley.

Bavier was 58 when she starred on “The Andy Griffith Show” as the beloved Aunt Bee. And Brinkley? The supermodel still stuns at 59.

KLG noted that women today can look forever young because they have so many more products and procedures available to them. She and Hoda added that having a good attitude about life also helps some people look young. They think that’s the secret for 64-year-old Meryl Streep.

“I think she’s just very, very at home in her own skin,” KLG said.

Streep seems to embrace life experiences and wanting to play different characters, regardless of their age.

“I think she cares about the right things,” KLG said. “Not me, who’s shallow and says, ‘Give it to me now.’”