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Don't worry about 'Got Talent'! Cowell says Stern knows the rules

Phil McCarten / AP file / Today
TV talent vet Simon Cowell isn't worried about Howard Stern going too far on primetime TV.

Simon Cowell has a message for those "America's Got Talent" fans who are worried about Howard Stern ruining their family-friendly TV talent show -- fear not.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times' TV blog, Show Tracker, the "X Factor" judge, who also happens to also be a co-creator and executive producer of "America's Got Talent," chimed in about the concerns some have that the shock jock might go too far.

"He can't," Cowell said flatly. "He knows the rules. Will he be controversial? Yes, because he's Howard Stern. He thinks he can do a better job than the people currently doing it."

And that's what Cowell is banking on, too, as he feels that the show is currently "too predictable" and in need of a "shakeup." Stern is just part of his plan to fix that.

"Having two Brits and one American on 'America's Got Talent' actually was ridiculous in hindsight," Cowell said of the decision to have both Sharon Osbourne and former judge Piers Morgan on the "Got Talent" panel. "I want to bring on a fourth judge as well (as Stern), definitely an American. And I want somebody who understands what a Vegas crowd would pay good money to judge."

Because according to Cowell, "the ratio between hit and miss" on the show hasn't favored hits at all. He's hoping fresh judges bring a fresh perspective. At least with Stern, he seems sure that he's found someone who can surpass even his tough-guy talent judge reputation.

When the former "American Idol" grump found out that "Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson considered him a pussycat compared to Stern, he didn't argue the point.

"I would agree with that," Cowell told TMZ over the weekend. "Meow."

Do you think Stern will be a tougher TV talent judge than Cowell? And who do you think should fill that fourth spot on the "Got Talent" panel? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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