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/ Source: TODAY
By Randee Dawn

Kid Rock loves to do the unexpected; he's always been a musician who lives on the edge. But he's living on a whole new kind of edge now, as he discussed on TODAY Tuesday: He's now a grandpa.

"It keeps my redneck street credentials intact," he joked, before launching into his new song, "First Kiss."

"First Kiss" is the title track from Rock's 10th studio album, the flavor of which he said is "Americana" and "blues-based rock 'n' roll."

But don't go calling him "grandpa," even if he is one. Kid Rock joked later during a chat with anchors that he's a "grandrebel."

As a grandrebel, Rock is passing on his good fortune to his fans, ensuring that the prices for his upcoming tour remain affordable (as in, $20 per ticket). He noted that this kind of pricing structure (which includes cheaper parking, beer and merchandise at his shows) has proved a moneymaker and allows more of his fans to come see him.

"Everything from sporting events to concerts, everything's out of hand with the prices," he noted.

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