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Don't be a drag, give Spanx for Sandler's cross-dressing

You'd think Adam Sandler would know all the ins and outs about dressing up as a woman -- after all, he donned drag for roles like the Gap Girl on "Saturday Night Live" -- but it turns out that for his new film "Jack and Jill," where he plays both male and female twins, he learned about the joys of Spanx.

"I didn't know about Spanx until this movie," he told TODAY's Ann Curry on Friday morning about wearing the slenderizing undergarments to flatten him out as Jill. "Then a lot of women said, 'Spanx!' Rock and roll. It was fun. I enjoyed being a lady for a bit. No, I didn't enjoy it, I just say I enjoyed it. I didn't like it at all."

He's fairly harsh on his female aspect, Spanx or no: Sandler said he wondered about one particular scene in the movie that generated such laughs, and realized people were giggling at his "pretty big soccer thighs." Not terribly traditionally feminine, admittedly.

But dressing up aside, he added that one of the biggest highlights of the movie came when he got to work opposite Al Pacino, who plays himself in the film ... and who romances Jill.

"We never go too far for many reasons," Sandler said. "He didn't like smelling my cologne."

And here's a bit of a surprise, unless you're a longtime Pacino fan: According to Sandler, Pacino (who is "one of the funniest guys," he says) started out in the business as a stand-up comedian. "I didn't know that until I started hanging out with the man!"

"Jack and Jill" opens in theaters today, Nov. 11.

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