Donny Osmond: Michael Jackson's 'Ben' 'was my song'

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By Randee Dawn

At 56, Donny Osmond has an eternally youthful glow. But his bright smile and perma-good looks belie some whopper achievements: Osmond is working on his 60th album and is about to celebrate 1,000 shows with his sister Marie in Las Vegas.

Osmond told TODAY Thursday that for the new album, he'll be choosing songs that have influenced him and come with interesting backstories. "For instance, Michael Jackson's 'Ben' — that was my song. It was written for me," he said. "And (the Osmonds song) 'One Bad Apple' was written for the Jacksons, and we kind of switched. And I was out touring, and they had to finish (the film Ben), so they said, 'Let's just get Michael to sing it.' It was his first No. 1 solo record.

"So I recorded it my way," Osmond laughed.

One thing Osmond isn't switching up is his sibling-rivalry shtick with Marie — their spiky stage banter is a major audience draw. The pair's original contract with The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas covered just six weeks of performances. "And here we are in our sixth year," Osmond said. "We just leave it all on stage. ... You've got to go for it, and that's why I think people keep coming back."

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