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Donald Trump wants Paris, Britney, Lindsay

Building up pre-season buzz for his “Celebrity Apprentice,” Donald Trump wants to invite Hollywood’s bad-girl trifecta to join the show.
/ Source: news services

Building up pre-season buzz for his “Celebrity Apprentice,” Donald Trump wants to invite Hollywood’s bad-girl trifecta to join the show. But is this solely a grab for the headlines, like last month’s Rosie O’Donnell invite? According to an interview with the New York Post’s Page Six, he’s serious.

“We're negotiating with Britney right now.” The Donald told Page Six. (Doesn’t he know that’s almost enough to get a subpoena from K-Fed’s lawyer?!) “Can you imagine her doing it? We're not sure what will happen. She's a [expletive] mess. And that little reality show she had did nothing. But she likes the idea of being on television and I think she'd be great.”

Apparently Paris Hilton wants in on the fun. “(She) wants to be on, and we're thinking about it, but I don't know if we're going to do it,” Trump said.

What about LiLo? “Another (expletive) mess,” said the blunt billionaire. “We haven't asked her yet, but I'm going to call her this week. It would be a positive thing for her to do … for all of them,” he boasted to Page Six.

C’mon, if this was just about helping out this batch of troubled gals he’d be better off just adopting them. You never see those Trump kids caught up in naughty tabloid hijinks.

But even if The Donald can wrangle Britney, Paris and Lindsay into his lagging reality TV franchise, how will they film around rehab schedules, custody battles and possible future jail terms? It’s a logistics nightmare!

Brangelina baby boom?
Brad Pitt is cooking in the kitchen, reports But he’s not trying to fatten up a suddenly svelte Angelia Jolie — not exactly, anyway. Fertility-boosting cuisine is Chef Brad’s new specialty, as the couple is looking to conceive, the Web site reports.

“They've decided the time is right to try for another baby. Brad is crossing his fingers that it will be a boy,” says an source.

This news follows reports that Team Brangelina is looking to add another Ethiopian child to their brood, and that the couple is planning to revisit Ethiopia's Wide Horizons agency, which helped arrange their adoption of 2-year-old Zahara. Other Team Brangelina members currently include 14-month-old biological daughter, Shiloh, six-year-old Cambodian boy Maddox, and Vietnamese son Pax Thien, three.

Lindsay's ready to rock
Listen up, movie executives. Worried about casting Lindsay Lohan in your latest project because of recent behavior? Fine, she’ll just start singing again. No, that’s not a threat. Rush & Molloy, of the New York Daily News, report that Lindsay gave Universal Music the heads-up that she’s ready to record a third album.

“Lindsay loves music,” a friend told R&M. “She loves writing songs.” FYI: “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” is about her peach of a pop, Michael Lohan.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s previous recordings received a respectable reception. The first, Speak,” (2004) sold 1.6 million copies, and the 2005 follow-up, “A Little More Personal,” did more than 600,000 units. Before all the scandal, Casablanca head and former Mariah Carey mentor/husband Tommy Mottola was hot to get Lindsay back in the studio.

But R&M report that Mottola may have cooled on the project. “As much as she wants to make another album,” says an R&M source, “the feeling is she needs to get herself cleaned up. Then we can talk about it.”

Dish on the fly
It looks like David Beckham is laying it on thick trying to win over American soccer fans. According to TMZ, when a guy asked Mr. Posh to sign his shoes, Beckham took off his sneaks and gave his own footwear to the fan.  . . . Mel C seems to be taking up the role of “Mama Spice.” She shared her healthy plans for the Spice Girls tour with Sunday Magazine. “When you have a show, the night before has to be an early one. You should eat about four hours before so you're not hungry when you go on stage and have the energy needed to perform. I also recommend avoiding dairy because it can affect your voice." And Mel just says “no” to backstage booze.  . . .  Rolling Stone reveals an artist's interpretation of U2’s overly altruistic frontman. Sculptor Frans Smeets’ “Jesus Loves You Too,” depicts Bono as a white-robed savior to a small African child. The sculpture comes complete with the Irish rocker’s dorky sunglasses.

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