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Donald Trump: "I Am the Least Racist Person"

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/ Source: E!online
By Peter Gicas

This should settle things once and for all. At least, Donald Trump is hoping it will.

While calling in to Fox &Friends this morning, the Celebrity Apprentice host cited one example, in particular, to put to rest suggestions that his recent questioning of President Barack Obama's U.S. citizenship had anything to do with race.

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"Well, you know, when it comes to racism and racists, I am the least racist person there is. And I think most people that know me would tell you that," Trump insisted when the subject came up. "I am the least racist. I've had great relationships."

Case in point?

"Randal Pinkett won on The Apprentice a little while ago, a couple years ago, and Randal's been outstanding in every way. So I am the least racist person," he said, referring to the African-American contestant who Trump hired instead of fired during the show's finale back in 2005.

Well, there you have it. 'Nuff said, right?

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