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Don’t mess with daddy’s girl on ‘CSI’

When a drug lord’s daughter turns up dead, every suspect becomes a victim. Plus, dressing as a cop and robbing liquor stores on Halloween turns out to be a very bad idea.
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Daddy’s girl: Murder victim Angela Carlos was the daughter of Colombian drug lord Juan Roman Carlos. Nick and Riley found her dead in a garbage dumpster. A fish tattoo on her thigh led Catherine and Riley to the Dark Waters nightclub. Seedy club owner Craig Hess (yep, that was “Sex and the City’s” Jason Lewis) told them that she’d only been there briefly before he got her to leave, but it turned out he sent him to see Goya, who trafficked cocaine out of a fish and aquarium warehouse. Angela wanted drugs, snorted Atropine (used to cut cocaine) by mistake, fell and cut her head open, and Goya and his pal decided to give her a transfusion — using their own, differently typed blood.

Urban Legends 101: Goya’s pal thought the transfusion would work because he’d heard that Keith Richards had kicked heroin by having his blood replaced in Europe. This turned out to be an urban legend. They then deposited her in a dumpster close to Hess' club, so he would be blamed for her death.

Collateral damage: All through the episode, people kept saying that Juan Carlos was not a man to be trifled with. It turned out no one was kidding. Craig Hess, Goya and his pal, Angela’s friend Sylvie, and Angela's aunt were all found shot through the head.

Best man duties: The whole reason Riley and Nick had found Angela’s body to begin with was because Nick was chasing down a liquor-store robber who was dressed as a cop. The robber jumped out the window, into the garbage dumpster that held Angela, and was killed instantly. Nick was eventually led to Barry Wunderlick, a soon-to-be groom, who’d been arrested for assaulting a bartender the night before and had begged his pal Tommy to get the money to bail him out of jail. Tommy stole a cop’s uniform and robbed four liquor stores in one night before Nick caught up to him. “I guess my 9mm did come in handy,” Wunderlick said, cluelessly.

Mommy duty: Catherine happened to stumble across daughter Lindsay at the Dark Waters nightclub, where she’d used a fake ID to get in. Catherine grounded her and had an officer take her home. But Lindsay’s no dummy. She had the cop give her a breathalyzer test so she could prove to her mom that she hadn’t been drinking. “You don’t have to worry about me,” she told Catherine. “Thanks, but I will,” Catherine said, “And you’re still grounded.”

Latest facts on the newbie: We found out tonight that Riley has no kids, nor does she want any.

Exchange of the night: Hodges tried to get Grissom to come to a lecture with him. “Are you asking me out?” Grissom asked.“Is that a yes?” Hodges said.

Who’s the boss? Both Super Dave and Hodges referred to Grissom as "Gil." Also, Grissom hasn’t heard from Sara, telling Catherine that he didn’t know where she is.