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Dolly Parton explains why a date once made her walk through forest with bears

Listen to the country music superstar share the tale of bears, bobcats and a really bad date.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s hard to imagine that anyone lucky enough to spend some quality time with Dolly Parton would actually elect to bring it to an early end.

Maybe that’s why the country music superstar decided to share this almost unbelievable story about being ditched by a date while playing “True Confessions” on a recent episode “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

In the game, Parton, Fallon and actor Noah Centineo each confessed a different personal story, leaving their fellow players to determine whether or not the tale was true.

That’s when Parton dished up this real-life story: “I dated a guy, and he kicked me out of a car and made me walk home at night through a forest with bears and bobcats.”

When Centineo asked about the scary wildlife, she assured him their presence wasn’t just a probability. The 75-year-old said she “heard them (and) felt them” during the 5-mile trek back home through the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

“There are bears and bobcats, and there are those toothless, ‘Deliverance’-kind of mountain men in addition to the bears and all that,” she recalled. “That was not a pleasant place to be.”

Especially since she was still a teenager at the time.

As for why her date sent her hoofing it through the woods late at night, the singer, songwriter, actor and philanthropist said it was simple.

“It was a ‘put out or get out’ situation,” she told Fallon and Centineo. “So he kicked me out to walk home.”

After a little debate about the event, the fellas trusted that Parton wouldn't fib about that.

“It is true! I swear it’s true,” she told them, going on to tease that she “did learn something that night.”

“I thought, if that ever happens to me again, I’m definitely giving it up,” she said with a smile. “I would rather be chewed on by a boy than a bear!”