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Dog gone! Miley Cyrus gives away her new puppy

Puppies can often bring smiles and joy to those who are down in the dumps, but it apparently didn't work for Miley Cyrus. The star has given away her new little pooch, Moonie, after mom Tish gave her the pet to cheer her up days after her beloved dog Floyd died suddenly earlier this month.

"It's just too soon for me right now," the singer shared on Twitter Sunday.



But don't worry about little Moonie. The singer told a follower that the pooch is safe in a happy new home with a puppy pal. 





It was clear that even with Moonie to cheer her up, the star was still in deep mourning for Floyd. Cyrus tweeted often about how much she missed him, and hinted early on that she wasn't ready for another pet.





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