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Does Christopher Meloni, Latest Addition to All-Star Man of Steel Cast, Have Lex Appeal?

Zack Snyder's retooling of the Man of Steel franchise is teaming up quite the super cast.
/ Source: E!online

Zack Snyder's retooling of the Man of Steel franchise is teaming up quite the super cast.

Christopher Meloni, after bowing out of the 13th season of Law &Order: SVU, is moving on to his next project, the big screen Superman flick, faster than a speeding bullet.

But will Chris be taking on the iconic role of baddie Lex Luther?

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Nope--instead he told the Vulture Report that he'll be playing a general.

But that's all he spilled. Because, like everything associated with the super-sized reboot, Meloni's military-man role is being kept a secret. Though we know he won't be playing nefarious villain General Zod, as Michael Shannon already nabbed that role.

Here's what else we do know:

Meloni is just the latest addition to the A-list cast that will be populating Metropolis. Hunky British import Henry Cavill will be playing Clark Kent and his superhero alter ego, Amy Adams is set to star as Lois Lane, and Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Russell Crowe have signed on as well.

We're also pretty confident that the film will be another origin installment la Batman Begins or The Amazing Spider-Man, and that Metropolis will look an awful lot like Chicago, and also that Lindsay Lohan lost out on her chance to go toe-to-toe with Superman himself (though that last one isn't too surprising).

Now if only Snyder would let some juicy script secrets slip, we'd really be psyched--though, there is plenty of time for that to happen before Man of Steel swoops into theaters in December 2012.

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