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Do The Kids Are All Right Crew Feel Snubbed by the Academy?

It's Oscar Sunday and the race for Best Picture is about the only category that's up in the air.
/ Source: E!online

It's Oscar Sunday and the race for Best Picture is about the only category that's up in the air.

At the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica yesterday, we caught up with The Kids Are All Right gang and wanted to see if they were as upset as we were over Lisa Cholodenko's Oscar snub for Best Director.

"Yeah, there were no women in the directing category," producer Celine Rattray told us. "It's interesting because I think the Academy often rewards flashy directing styles like Danny Boyle in 127 Hours."

Uh-oh, Academy Awards feud alert?

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"I actually think people don't know how hard it is to tell and direct a story like The Kids Are All Right which is totally perfect. That should be rewarded just as much."

You're preaching to the choir here! Still, in classic Oscar fashion, Celine was quick to be grateful.

"We got four nominations though, we can't complain," Rattray continued. "Never in a million years did we imagine this would be the path for this film. And it was a really great year for movies, every [nominated movie] I have seen has been incredible."

Even though Natalie Portman will most likely take home the golden statue tonight, Annette Bening--who gave a truly stunning performance--is Nat's only competition.

As you know, Annette is going through some family issues and Kids certainly may hit a little too close to home.

But don't think that stopped Bening from jumping at the chance to play this character.

"She had no [reservations]," writer Stuart Blumberg told us yesterday. "I think the great thing about it is, yes, she liked the 'message' of the movie but she just really liked a good story."

Continued Stuart:

"She liked the fact this was a really natural and realistic depiction of marriage, long term commitment, all that stuff."

And she friggin' killed it!

"She was wonderful in that performance, it was really quite extraordinary," agreed Celine. "The first day on set when Annette and Julianne [Moore] stepped out, they were so transformed physically they were the characters."

"Annette was very excited to play the role," Celine said enthusiastically.

We think Kids is by far one of the best flicks of the year, which we obviously told the producers.

"It was shows a middle class couple struggling with all the things couples struggle with, they just happen to be two women," Rattray emphatically said of the message. "It was a great way to show and normalize a gay relationship."

Totally agree! But will the Academy? Here's hoping, we're rooting for you all today!

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