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'Divergent' stars ride zipline onto stage to show off movie trailer

Watch out, "Hunger Games," here comes "Divergent." Veronica Roth's young-adult trilogy about teenagers living in futuristic Chicago and forced to align with one of five factions is coming to theaters. The first film, "Divergent," opens March 21, and the stars released its trailer in fitting fashion.

Shailene Woodley, who plays Tris, and Theo James, who plays her romantic interest Tobias ("Four"), rode a zipline onto the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show to debut the trailer. In the novel, their characters zipline from a crumbling John Hancock Center. But when Kimmel asked if the zipline was an homage to the movie, the two joked with the host.

"No, we just do this in life..." Woodley said. "Traffic is just insane."

The trailer itself shows a good deal more than the teaser trailer released earlier. More of the complex aptitude test that Woodley's Tris undergoes is shown, including the footage involving a fierce dog. And more of the characters and scenes famiiar to fans of the book are shown, including a little romance between Tris and Four, the fear simulation Tris suffers through, and the Dauntless army marching to battle, clad in sexy black leather. 

Kimmel also teased James about his most famous role prior to "Divergent." Wearing a black wig, he played Turkish hunk Kemal Pamuk, who dies of an apparent heart attack in an intimate moment in Lady Mary's bed on the PBS hit "Downton Abbey."

Joked Kimmel, "That's how I'm planning to go out ... only alone."