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Dissing the desperately skinny ‘Housewives’

Perhaps it should be called “Desperately Skinny Housewives.”

A former star of “ER” has blasted the hit series about the women of Wisteria Lane, saying she was turned down for Felicity Huffman’s role because she has too many curves. Alex Kingston, who played a surgeon in “ER,” also says that the super-slim actresses in the hit series make viewers feel guilty about their own size.

“I didn't get the part, and I know why: irrespective of acting ability, I'm just way too big,” Kingston told the London Evening Standard. “The women are all size two and go perfectly together. But to me, they didn't look like desperate housewives but desperate glamour models. It drives me crazy; it's encouraging women to feel guilty about not looking like that.”

Kingston also revealed that her messy split from Ralph Fiennes, who broke up their marriage for his “Hamlet” costar, left her nearly suicidal — one day she actually got into a bathtub with a knife and plans to do herself in.

“I can't imagine being that person at all,” the now-remarried Kingston told the paper. “You don't know where life is going to take you. You think you know and then all of a sudden you realize it's all completely wrong.”

Inside Belushi's brainIs Jim Belushi touting the philosophy of a man who asks his followers to dance naked?     

The actor recently published a book, “Real Men Don’t Apologize,” which is filled with he-mannish male-bonding advice and observations — some serious, some less so. Among the book’s philosophical sayings: “men don’t apologize for being who they are” and “beer does not judge you.”

“The book and Belushi’s philosophy are largely based on the views of a controversial weekend seminar guru with a ‘cult following’ named Justin Sterling,” says Rick Ross of CultNews.com. “However, critics of Justin Sterling have told CultNews that this self-styled relationship guru has done more harm than good and is something of a woman-hating misogynist, and his weekend has been likened to ‘brainwashing’.”

Among Sterling’s preachings are the notion that society is “screwed up because women have become masculine and competitive and men have become feminized.” Quips Ross: “No doubt Belushi would grunt his approval of such ‘breakthrough’ thinking.”

Notes from all overMartha Stewart and Donald Trump had a fallout over her reality TV show, but the two seem to have made up over . The domestic diva recently called up Petit Tresor, the Los Angeles baby store to the stars, and bought a fake fur baby blanket for Donald and Melania’s son, Barron. “She wanted something very special and very unique,” a store rep tells us.  . . .  Dan Brown’s stock sure has skyrocketed. Signed first editions of the writer’s “Da Vinci Code” are going for upward of $1,700. An illustrated edition of the book has a price tag of upwards of $100,000.  . . . “Will and Grace” star Megan Mullally is such a fan of “American Idol” that she and her hubby often vote for their favorite contestants hundreds of times, logging in more than 700 calls for first-season winner Kelly Clarkson.

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