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Dislike someone you just met? Hear Hoda's theory

Ever dislike someone you just met? Hoda thinks she knows why it happens.

“Because they remind you of someone you can’t stand," she suggested Friday. "I don’t think it’s them initially."

At least that’s the story she’s sticking to when it comes to a certain young lady in the building to whom Hoda said she felt an immediate aversion.

“She would come in to my office and I would have an instant turnoff,” she said.

It didn’t help that the woman was a close walker and talker.

“I would get up like I had somewhere to go and it was like a dance. I’m walking and she’s still walking, like right here. Right here. All the way," she said.

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Hoda felt terrible about how she felt about the young woman – who still happens to work in the building.

“I’m sure she’s nice but it was just a weird thing I had,” she said.

Kathie Lee agreed it’s horrible to have to admit you carry unfair biases toward others.

“You’d like to think, ‘I’m a fair-minded person,’ but I don’t like it when there are a whole bunch of tattoos and piercings and things like that. I have to fight it,” she said, especially now that she knows several individuals who fit that description and who are “very sweet people.”

“It’s usually what you’re not used to,” she said. "It’s wrong, dang gone it, but we do it.”

Hoda recalled how she and KLG were proven wrong about their first impression of the disheveled and wild-looking actor and comedian Russell Brand.

“We loved him,” Hoda said. “But in the beginning, we were like, ‘Ewww..’ but we loved him. He was great.”