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Addicted to Wordle? The New York Times' latest game is being described as Wordle with math

Get ready, Mathletes! The New York Times has a new daily puzzle just for you.

Math fans, the New York Times has launched a new daily numbers game comparable to its beloved Wordle, just for you.  

On April 10, the Times revealed that it had temporarily launched Digits, a mathamatics game currently undergoing public beta testing. According to the daily newspaper, the game was made in-house by its games team and will be available for a limited-time beta release this week. Currently, the game is free for everyone to access, and the game will proceed based on the success of the test.

Here's everything to know about the game, which has been described as the math version of Wordle.

How Digits works

According to the Times, Digits gives players six individual numbers in addition to a predetermined total that will be stuck at the top of the game. Using mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, players must use the six numbers to come up with a total presented number.

Users can use all six numbers and various operations to get to match the final number, but can only use each number once. Fortunately, while there's no going back with Wordle, Digits' users can click an undo button to backtrack on their selections.

As an example, a player who opens the digits game today will find the sum total number 62 and six additional numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10. In order to get to 62, players must use mathematical operations.

How is Digits like Wordle?

Despite drawing on different parts of the brain, Digits and Wordle do have some commonalities. For one, they were both created by people.

Digits was created by the Times' Games team, an operation led by Jonathan Knight. Meanwhile, Wordle was created by software engineer Josh Wardle, who sold the game to the Times in early 2022.

Similar to Wordle, which requires players to come up with a five-letter solution in six turns or less, Digits' users have a total of six allotted numbers to work with.

When can I play Digits?

Users can play Digits all day long and for free this week. Similar Wordle, new Digits puzzles will be dropped at midnight.