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Did a wacky TV clip catch your eye this past week? Submit it!

Readers, was there a particular TV clip you caught last week (Aug. 21-27) that shocked you or made you laugh the most? Perhaps "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison's strange interview with a morning show? "Teen Mom" Maci wanting a second baby? The newly surfaced Sandra Lee outtake video? David Letterman taking a shot at Kirstie Alley with his earthquake top 10 list? Something else?

Whatever it was -- and it most certainly does not have to be any of the ones mentioned above -- tell us about it! Post a YouTube, Hulu, network or whatever link of your favorite viral clip on our Facebook page. We'll pick a few of the best and have you vote for the winner, which will be featured later in the week as our Clicky Clip of the Week. Just remember: The clip has to be from the week of Aug. 21-27.

Share away on Facebook! We're looking forward to checking out your submissions.

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