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Did Trump publicly declare love for Rosie?

Artist Dan Bergeron altered billboards into statements of love
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Has Donald Trump proclaimed his love for sparring partner Rosie O’Donnell?

If you live in Toronto, you may have thought so. Following an appearance by Trump at The Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expo this past weekend, some billboards around the city advertising the event had been mysteriously altered overnight.

Toronto citizens who had seen Trump’s picture on the billboards with information about the expo were suddenly seeing something a little different on Monday morning.

Was this an attempt by Trump to smooth things over with O’Donnell, or a sarcastic joke? Actually, it was neither.

Access Hollywood has gotten to the bottom of the mystery, and it had nothing to do with Donald or Rosie — it turns out the altered billboards were the product of one artist’s imagination and skill.

Photographer and street artist Dan Bergeron of Fauxreel Studios takes the credit for the altered billboards, telling us that the stunt was meant to be humorous.

“I try to take a total tongue-in-cheek point of view and apply it to popular people and topics,” Dan told Access. “In this case I think that this feud is silly, and I took the point of view of, ‘Why can’t we all just get along?’”

Dan and his studio have created photographic and artistic works around the city before, and you can read all about it on his Web site