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Did 'True Blood' waste a good thing with Christopher Meloni?

John P. Johnson / HBO / Today
Christopher Meloni stars as Roman on season five of "True Blood."

Before the current season of HBO’s “True Blood” kicked off, the big Bon Temps news was that former “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Christopher Meloni would be trading his badge for fangs and bringing new blood to “True Blood.” It was quite the casting boon for the show considering Meloni’s past primetime successes, including his stint on the HBO classic, “Oz,” and his reputation for playing the perfect attention-grabbing tough guy no matter which side of the law his character’s on.

(Spoiler alert! If you didn’t watch Sunday night’s episode of “True Blood” don’t read on.)

But the latest “True Blood” twist could have some Meloni fans wondering why the show’s powers-that-be brought him onboard at all. After just a few weeks of mounting tensions and teases of drama-to-come with Meloni’s undead alter ego Roman, the main man from the Authority found himself pinned under the pointy end of his own silver-tipped stake on Sunday night’s show.

Returning villain Russell Edgington, aka the fallen Vampire King of Mississippi, did the dirty work in the episode’s shocking final seconds. So much for a season full of epic battles between the two vamps. And so much for Meloni, as the “true death” usually means a true exit from the show.

But did Roman really fall to the true death? It sure looks that way, but despite a little blood and a lot of contortions, Roman wasn’t shown erupting in a geyser of blood and vampire guts the way most of the night crawlers do. So maybe there’s still a little hope to be had. Maybe.

Otherwise the question remains: did “True Blood” waste good thing with Meloni? Take our poll below and share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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