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Did Tom Cruise try to convert Larry King?

Did Tom Cruise try to convert Larry King to Scientology?

The “Mission: Impossible” star tried to convince the CNN interviewer of the virtues of the sometimes controversial religion and took King on a personal tour of a Scientology exhibit that attacks psychiatry.

King, who has been candid about his bout with depression, also has been open about his treatment with antidepressants, but Cruise and his religion are outspoken critics of both psychiatry and prescription drugs.

After a highly publicized incident in which Cruise criticized Brooke Shields' use of drugs to treat her postpartum depression a few years back, Cruise took King on a private tour of the Scientology’s Hollywood museum, “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.”

“I like Tom a lot,” King told the Palm Beach Post in discussing the tour, but adds he disagrees with the actor’s and Scientology’s position on anti-depressants and psychiatry. The church blames the latter on everything from patients’ suicides to the Holocaust.

“Their attack on psychiatry is incredible,” King said. “They hate psychiatry.”

No ‘Brady Bunch’Looks like Tom Brady isn’t reproducing as fast as some say.

Reports that supermodel and former Leonardo DiCaprio sweetie Gisele Bundchen was pregnant by the New England Patriots quarterback first appeared on a Brazilian Web site last week. Brady’s former girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, is and her publicist says it’s the football star’s baby.

But Bundchen’s family is blasting the reports that the model is in a family way.

“This is absolutely false,” Bundchen’s father, Valdir, told the Brazilian newspaper O Dia, according to our translator. “I talk to her everyday, she would have told me.”

“Of course Gisele isn’t pregnant. She’s fine and very busy,” her sister, Raquel, told the Web site EGO. “When we read about it on the Internet, Patricia [Gisele’s twin sister’] and I thought: ‘how people make things up!’”

Notes from all over
Sheryl Crow
isn’t an fan. “Let’s face it, it undermines art in every way and promotes commercialism,” the “All I Wanna Do” singer told Ladies Home Journal. “I am sad people love it so.”  . . . Don’t expect Willie Nelson to show up in a crew cut anytime soon. “There have been a couple of times I’ve run into people who have requested that I cut my hair, but I’m not going to do it,” the braided singer tells Stuff magazine.  “Not for a movie or anything. You know, I might decide I don’t like it one day and cut it all off, but I wouldn’t do it just because that’s what somebody wanted me to do.” . . . Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning green. The governor of California, who single-handedly popularized the Hummer, is on the cover of Outside magazine’s environmentally-conscience “Green Issue.” But he’s not ready to give up on his oversized SUV just yet. “I talked to GM about creating a hydrogen-fueled Hummer, and two years ago, they delivered one,” Schwarzenegger told the mag. “I changed one of my military Hummers over from regular diesel to biofuel. When I drive it around, it smells like French fries.”

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