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Did Seacrest plant article painting him as hero?

After Ryan Seacrest’s bizarre behavior on last week’s “American Idol,” a TMZ story that paints Seacrest as a contestant-saving hero seems suspicious.
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After Ryan Seacrest’s bizarre behavior on last week’s “American Idol” — tweeting and dancing during performances —a TMZ story that paints Seacrest as a contestant-saving hero seems suspicious.

In the item, Seacrest talks to homesick Crystal Bowersox after an "Idol" show and tells her that she shouldn’t leave the show, no matter how much she misses her family. He tells her that he made enough money to buy his mother a house, and that if she stays and wins, she can do the same.

To those familiar with the Seacrest PR machine, the item had Seacrest’s fingerprints all over it.

As it turns out, suspecting that Seacrest might be the source of the item may not be entirely off-base. When ‘Idol’ castoff Katelyn Epperly heard about the TMZ report, she texted her friend Bowersox to see how she was. Epperly said during a radio interview that Bowersox texted back: “I’m fine… betrayed by Seacrest!”

Alleged Tiger madam working on reality showJamie Jungers and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee aren’t the only women who've been involved with famous men and are now looking to turn that infamy into reality shows.

Now Michelle Braun, who says she managed escorts including Jungers, is also working on a show with Bunim-Murray, the production company that created “The Real World.”

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When reached for comment Michelle Braun confirmed that she’s doing a show, called, “Free Michelle Braun.” According to Braun, it will be focused on, “me getting off house arrest, reinventing myself, escaping my past and establishing myself as a serious business woman. It will follow me as a businesswoman and a single mother.”

Braun said part of her new business ventures would include her involvement in nightclubs, developing the vodka brand Dirty Vodka, and launching a dating website.

A spokesperson for Bunim-Murray did not return calls for comment.

Noth talks about Big and CarrieAccording to the “Sex and the City 2” trailer, Big and Carrie’s marriage gets a substantial amount of screen time in the upcoming sequel.

Chris Noth, who plays Big, tells Redbook magazine that the characters are involved in a “learning process” about each other and marriage.

“There’s a lot of humor, which I love,” Noth told the magazine. “But it’s also a great look into Carrie and Big’s relationship and what marriage means to them. No matter how long you’ve know someone, marriage changes some things in unexpected ways. And it’s a learning process for Carrie and Big. I’m more excited about this movie than I was about the first one.”

"Sex and the City 2" is scheduled to hit theaters May 28.

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