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Did Newly Single Sam Worthington Get "Belligerent" at a Charity Event?

Good news, ladies! Stunning Avatar star Sam Worthington is indeed back on the market.
/ Source: E!online

Good news, ladies! Stunning Avatar star Sam Worthington is indeed back on the market.

Sources close to the hunk confirm that he has split with his longtime stylist girlfriend, Natalie Marks.

But how exactly is he handling it? Not well, if you believe the rumors:

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New tabloid reports dish that Sam "belligerently" threw a fit while he was at the G-Day LA black-tie ball Saturday night, and "slammed his fist into a photo wall and screamed profanities." Why? Because he didn't want to walk the carpet, apparently. Supposedly, he proceeded to then angrily curse up a storm while inside.

But here's the scoop from someone right next to Sam's table at the event:

"He was hardly belligerent," explains our insider who, trust, will tell it like it is. "He just didn't want to wait 20 minutes on the carpet."

As for the newly single guy's mood?

"Yes, [Sam and Natalie] broke up, but he was great all night."

In fact, so great that we're told Worthington wasted no time finding comfort in the arms of another babe.

"He ended up going home with a blonde," dishes our spy.

Lucky beyotch!

Glad to hear Worthington was in good spirits over the weekend and at the party. It was for Australian awareness and charity, after all?

But we wouldn't have been surprised if some of the bad-boy behavior was true. It's how most hot Aussie's roll, didn't ya know?

Well, you do, actually because hint hint Sam's Blind Vice may have something to do with that delicious 'tude of his.

Can you tell we like bad boys here, or what?

Still, we're assured, mood-wise, Worthington was happy as horny kangaroo Saturday night. He even donated $50,000 to the flood relief efforts.

We've reached out to Sam's rep for comment, but have yet to hear back.

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