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Did Madonna score big for Kabbalah?

Has Madonna nabbed a couple of huge recruits for her religion?
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Has Madonna nabbed a couple of huge recruits for her religion?

Kabbalah watchers were agog when British soccer pro David Beckham was spotted with a large tattoo in Hebrew on his arm. Wife Victoria — formerly known as Posh Spice — is said to be getting a smaller version inscribed on her neck.

The tattoos are from the Old Testament’s Song of Songs and says, in Hebrew: “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me, who grazes sheep in rose-like pastures.”

Some Kabbalah followers, including Britney Spears, have indicated their belief in the faith by getting Hebrew words tattooed on their necks, leading to widespread speculation that the Beckhams have joined the trendy offshoot of Judaism. Kabbalah is the rage among certain celebs, though some recent exposés of the group have shed an unflattering light on the finances of the group.

“Madonna has been pursuing [the Beckhams] and trying to pull them into the Kabbalah Centre,” Rick Ross of tells The Scoop. “If it’s true that she has recruited them, it’s a huge coup. They are the most important people she could recruit in Great Britain outside the royal family.”

Kidman doesn't shrink from shrink role

**FILE** Nicole Kidman arrives for the world premiere of the film Bewitched, at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York in this June 13, 2005 file photo. In the new film "Bewitched," an adaptation of the classic TV show, Kidman plays Isabel Bigelow, a blissfully naive (and good) witch who wants to give up her supernatural powers for mundane, suburban, mortal life. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson, File)Stuart Ramson / AP

Hollywood insiders are chortling over the possibility that Nicole Kidman will play a psychiatrist in an upcoming film — given her ex-hubby’s contempt for the profession.

The Academy Award-winning actress reportedly is “in final negotiations” to star in an updated version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” — in which she’ll play a heroic psychiatrist who discovers that people’s strange behavior can be attributed to extra-terrestrial activity.

“I don’t think Nicole chose the role to get back at Tom, but it’s very amusing casting given Tom Cruise’s recent diatribes against the profession,” says one Hollywood insider. “On the other hand, maybe it’s a nod to [Cruise] because from what I understand Scientologists believe that a lot of bad human behavior can be attributed to aliens.”

Notes from all over

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband actor Matthew Brodrick leave for her 40th Birthday Party Celebration at the Plaza Hotel. New York, USA March 25th 2005./0503271608Diane Cohen / SIPA

Sarah Jessica Parker seems to have as much of a shoe fixation as her former TV alter ego. At a recent photo shoot, the "Sex and the City" star considered 70 pairs of shoes — then decided to go barefoot, according to World Entertainment News Network.  . . . Rudy Giuliani is still eyeing the White House, says a source. “He was approached by some GOP leaders to gauge if he had any interest in running for Senate or Governor of New York or Attorney General, and he said no,” says a well-placed source. “He said the only position he’s interested at this point in time is president. Who knows what will happen between now and 2006, but for now, that’s what he’s thinking.”   . . . Call it the blonde needling the blonde. Anna Nicole Smith is scheduled to be among the speakers at a PETA fundraiser roasting Pamela Anderson. But maybe some of the jokes that evening will be said in earnest. “Anna really doesn’t like Pam,” says a source. “She considers her to be competition and is always bad-mouthing her.” “That’s the first I’ve heard of that,” a PETA spokesman tells The Scoop. I know that they’re both big supporters of animal rights. In fact, I know that Anna is writing something in an upcoming [National Enquirer] column to go after Elle Macpherson for doing a fur ad.”

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