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Did Lohan open up about relationship with DJ?

Lindsay Lohan may have put to rest questions about her relationship with constant companion Samantha Ronson on Monday night.

The star, who has kept quiet about the status of her close relationship with the 31-year-old DJ, called in to syndicated radio show “Loveline” on KROQ to talk about the DJ AM/Travis Barker plane crash before the subject turned to romance.

Show host Stryker asked the actress how long she’d been going out with Ronson, prompting a laugh from Lohan.

“A very long time,” she said after a pause.

Stryker congratulated her, telling her he hoped they’d stay together.

“Thank you very much,” Lohan said.

It was the first time the star had publicly admitted to a romantic relationship with Ronson, though she’s hinted at it via her MySpace blog — in an entry three weeks ago, she wrote, “This song is for SR… ILY,” presumably short for, “I love you.”

Lohan’s been a fixture at Ronson’s frequent DJ gigs and from New York Fashion Week to shopping in Los Angeles, the inseparable couple are rarely sighted apart.

Their relationship has sparked a number of rumors, including “wedding whispers” in the U.K.’s Daily Mail and a story in News of the World claiming they were looking to have a baby, as well as fire from dad Michael Lohan, who told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, “Samantha is toxic.”