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Did the Kardashians Bail on Party-Hosting Duties?

Do Kim, Kourtney and Khlo have some 'splaining to do?
/ Source: E!online

Do Kim, Kourtney and Khlo have some 'splaining to do?

The girls are taking heat after their (dis)appearance at Pacha in Tuesday in New York, where they launched the Kardashian MasterCard.

A rep for the girls tells me that the girls did indeed leave the event early, but only because they were told that it was OK...

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"We were supposed to stay until 10 p.m., but we left when the girls finished doing interviews and meet and greets because one entity told us we could," says Kardashian rep Jill Fritzo. "Then another entity was upset and called us, so we came back just to keep everyone happy."

Despite a Page Six report claiming Pacha is now demanding a $25,000 appearance fee back from the sisters, Fritzo said the girls made no money from the party.

"They didn't get an appearance fee," she said. "This was a launch party for their Mastercard and they don't get paid to promote their own products. Any fees or promises made were between the club and Mastercard."

Likewise, a Mastercard rep shot down the Page Six story, telling me: "Absolutely false. This [Page Six] reporting is irresponsible. The event was highly successful! All parties are satisfied and pleased to be partnered with the Kardashians."

One partygoer, however, said the girls didn't seem that excited to be there before making their exit.

Maybe Kourtney wanted to get some beauty sleep before her big acting debut? She's shooting a guest star role on One Life to Live today.

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