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Did K-Fed hit on Jessica Simpson?

Some claimthat Britney Spears’ rapper-wannabe hubby, Kevin Federline, “made a beeline” for Jessica Simpson at an L.A. club.
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Did K-Fed hit on Jessica Simpson?

Some claim that Britney Spears’ rapper-wannabe hubby, Kevin Federline, “made a beeline” for the recently separated reality show star at L.A. club Privilege.

“She invited him to sit down,” a clubgoer told Life & Style Weekly. “There was definitely some chemistry there.” Reps for the two insist they’re just old friends.

Meanwhile, though, Simpson is said to be “disgusted” with estranged hubby Nick Lachey’s bid for spousal support. “He’s doing this just when I was starting to move on with my life,” Simpson told a “pal” according to L&SW. “It’s cruel.”

No partying with Paris?Why was Paris Hilton’s sweetie MIA during her birthday bash?

The partying heiress celebrated her 25th birthday at the nightclub Pure in Las Vegas, and boyfriend Stavros Niarchos was noticeably absent.

True, the 20-year-old is too young to get into the club and celebrated with her a night earlier, but some are saying that there are more signs that the romance is on the rocks. “Paris didn't talk on her Sidekick all night,” a source told In Touch Weekly. “It didn’t look like she called him.”

“Paris is still in love with him,” a “friend” told the mag. “But she's sure it’s over.”

Notes from all overPierce Brosnan could relate to news that Daniel Craig, his replacement as James Bond, was injured while shooting the new “Casino Royale.” “I got stitched up and sewn up a few times, it just didn’t get in the papers,” Brosnan said at the UK premiere of his new film “The Matador” according to “I had my face sliced open by a stuntman. I had a knee injury. You get twisted some way or another if you throw yourself into it. There’s going to be mishaps.”  . . . Techno musician Moby is perpetrating that theory that VP Dick Cheney was soused when he accidentally shot a fellow hunter. “Ran into my old friend [Village Voice columnist] Michael Musto tonight,” Moby writes on his blog (), “And he asked me what I thought about the Dick Cheney fiasco. To which I replied, ‘He was drunk’.”  . . . Kanye West wants to set the record straight: He didn’t say he’s a sex addict, he just really, really loves porn. The rapper recently told Playboy that he watches porn videos or has porn up on his computer “at all times.” Now, he claims, those comments were taken out of context. “You sit down with these [bleeping] journalists and the second you say what you think, they use it against you,” West said at a London concert this week, reports ContactMusic. “I say, ‘Yeah, I like porn.’ Then it’s all: ‘Kanye West: Sex Addict’.”

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