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Did Diddy do some discount booty shopping?

Diddy reportedly was spotted by reporters slipping into a hot spot known for its low-priced call girls, reports our source in Rio.
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Did Diddy do some discount booty shopping?

The rap impresario is in Brazil, enjoying Carnival, where he was spotted by reporters slipping into a hot spot known for its low-priced call girls, reports our source in Rio.

“The name of the place is ‘Help’ and the girls there are supposed to be the cheapest prostitutes in the city,” says the source. “According to the local press he was annoyed when he saw the photographers and arranged to get in through the garage.”

Diddy couldn’t be reached for comment, but a well-placed source says, “It’s the most popular club in Rio. Diddy was with his girl Kim all night at the nightclub. So if there were prostitutes he wouldn’t know.”

Bullfighting controversyPETA is seeing red over an upcoming film starring Penelope Cruz and Adrian Brody.

“Manolete” is the story of one of history’s most notorious bullfighters, and the buzz among animal-rights activists is that filmmakers will be killing live bulls to shoot it. “If it’s true, it’s rather shocking, because Penelope is a big animal-rights activist who has spoken out against bullfighting,” says a source.

The flick is set to start shooting in a few weeks, and filmmakers have ignored requests from PETA and Spanish activist groups to let them know if the rumors are true, so they recently alerted tens of thousands of their members and told them to get ready to make life miserable to the filmmakers if they don’t use computer technology instead of hurting real bulls.

Pierce Brosnan received kudos from PETA when his flick "Matador" was made using computer technology and stock footage to simulate the bullfighting scenes, the group’s spokesman told The Scoop, adding, “Bullfights are cowardly affairs that have no place in a modern world.”

Notes from all overNicole Kidman’s rep is blasting reports that the “Moulin Rouge” star has sent out invitations to a wedding in Australia next month. “Everything about that story is nonsense,” her Aussie spokeswoman Wendy Day told ContactMusic. “Nicole Kidman is not getting married to Keith Urban at a Catholic church in Sydney on March 11. I know of no wedding. I know of no wedding date. I know of no wedding plans.” Day says Kidman will present at the Oscars on March 5 and has no immediate plans to head back to her homeland.  . . . “Brokeback Mountain” is currently a 1/4 favorite to win Best Picture at the Oscars at online betting site, after opening with 1/13 odds.  . . . Bruce Willis says being 50 years old has made him more qualified to play the role of Jack Mosely in “Sixteen Blocks.”  “It just allowed me to give this character a different worldview than I had when I was in my 30s,” Willis told reporters, according to “Also there are just such better parts now and just so much cooler things to be able to do. You’ve seen it, read it, and seen the little things trying to make you feel less of a man because you’re losing your hair, but they can all suck my [bleep] you know what I mean? I’m a man and I will kick anybody’s [bleep]  who tries to tell me that I’m not one because my hair’s thinning.”

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