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Did daddy-to-be Letterman get married?

Did David Letterman get hitched? Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Did David Letterman get hitched? Sources are claiming that the 56-year-old TV talk host has secretly wed his longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko. Letterman recently announced that Lasko is about six months pregnant.

“He got married at (his ranch in Montana) a few weekends ago,” a Montana source tells The Scoop. “We’re pretty impressed that he’s managed to keep it a secret.”

An insider at Letterman’s show also says that there’s buzz on the set that he made an honest woman out of the mother of his forthcoming child, but no one there can confirm it.

“We’re all trying to find out,” says the source. “We think so, but to tell you the truth, no one can get a straight answer.”

A Letterman spokesman would say only, “My comment is we never comment on Dave’s private life.”

Aguilera parties hard
Christina Aguilera has been finding more than genies in bottles.

The belly-baring singer was in Sweden last week, and a source there says she was downing the drinks with such gusto that at one point she couldn’t walk on her own. According to local reports, Aguilera went to a restaurant with a hottie where she ate hamburgers and fries and finished off multiple vodkas and cuddled for three and a half hours. “She laughed loudly at an art collection they had (at the restaurant) that showed hidden surveillance pictures of toilet models,” says our source.

When Aguilera finally arrived at her hotel, her bodyguards had to carry her from the car, reports the insider. Aguilera was scheduled to appear at some events that evening, but didn’t show. “Considering her condition,” a source who works with her told the paper Aftonbladet “She won’t be going out again this evening.”

Russell Crowe continues to charm journalists. After Aussie radio interviewer Tracy Bartram asked Crowe a question that he had just answered, the surly star barked at her: “Sorry for interrupting your life and coming on your radio station.” Bartram apologized — explaining that she had been distracted and tried to recoup, but it didn’t work so well. In fact, at one point, Crowe said to her, “What the f*** are you talking about, lady?” “It was awful. It was a really awful moment,” Bartram later told the paper The Eye. She admitted she fumbled a question to Crowe, but was still stunned by his attack on her. “I felt really stupid. It really upset me. . . . but I don’t think it was appropriate for him to swear on air. It was such a shock actually. I was completely gobsmacked.”

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