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Did Casey Anthony's parents reveal new info to Dr. Phil?

The first promo showing actual footage from Dr. Phil’s much-hyped “exclusive, in depth” interview with Casey Anthony's parents is out, and the brief clip hints that George and Cindy Anthony drop a bombshell on the show.

While the preview doesn’t feature a single quote from the couple in their first interview since daughter Casey was acquitted of charges relating to the death of their granddaughter Caylee, it does highlight Dr. Phil’s questions and reactions. In between the requisite “Do you buy that that was an accidental drowning?” and “You know the truth, don’t you?” lines, there was one telling take.

“America’s never heard this explanation before,” the daytime host said in a confrontational moment, following an as-yet-unknown statement from the Anthonys. “Why have you sat on this information?”

Those who’d like the answer to that question and others will have to wait a little while longer. Dr. Phil’s interview with George and Cindy Anthony airs Sept. 12.

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