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Did Britney cheat before K-Fed became Fed-Ex?

Was Britney Spears fooling around on Kevin Federline before the two split? And did Spears’s friendship with Paris Hilton cool because of the man in question?

Spears is dating J.R. Rotem, a friend of K-Fed’s who produced several songs on his debut CD and who is working with Spears on her comeback album, according to several reports. But sources tell Star magazine that some of Spears’s friends were convinced that hanky panky was going on between the two before Spears filed for divorce from her husband. Another source, however, says while there was “definite chemistry” Spears and Rotem waited until she filed papers

But there’s also buzz that Britney’s former best friend Paris Hilton also dated Rotem — and when Spears found out, her friendship with Hilton soured. Rotem also worked with Hilton on her debut CD, and the two dated briefly. “It was nothing serious, just a few hookups,” a source told Star. “I bet a million dollars that J.R. tired to keep that a secret from Britney,” adds the source. “Britney would probably flip out if she knew that he’d romanced Paris first.”

Meanwhile, the situation between Spears and Federline continues to deteriorate.

A recent phone call between the two turned ugly, reports In Touch Weekly, when Spears asked her soon-to-be-ex-hubby if he’d seen pics of her smooching Rotem.

“It was really bad,” an “eyewitness source” told the mag, adding that Spears also started bragging to her ex about some sex she’d had. Federline was furious, although he reportedly isn’t quite sure whether he believes that she’s been dating. “[Spears] just started pushing his buttons.  ... He started screaming at her.”

Spears is reportedly also taunting Federline about no longer living the lavish life they shared, but sources say that he continues to gather info on her hard partying to use in the custody battle against her.

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