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Dick Morris: ‘Take Back America’

The political commentator writes that America is at an ideological and political crossroads, and in his new book, "2010 Take Back America," he shares a plan for defeating the Obama administration. An excerpt.
/ Source: TODAY books

Casting your vote in the November 2010 elections may be the single most important thing you do all year.

Because these elections will be the critical turning point for America’s future.

For the definition of what is America.

For the chance to take back America.

In 2010, in this 234th year of our astonishingly successful American democracy — at the dawn of the second decade of the new millennium — America stands on the edge of an ideological precipice.

A precipice we can’t back away from or ignore.

We stand overlooking a chasm that separates those who want our values, our culture, and our economic systems to endure from those who want to change everything — regardless of the consequences.

On the one side is the familiar America that we know and love.

On the other is a very different America: the dream of Barack Obama.

His dream is a pipe dream.

His dream is our nightmare.

Make no mistake: Fulfilling Obama’s quixotic vision for our future would result in the systematic ruin of just about every segment of the America we know and love.

Don’t underestimate him. He’s made no secret of his determination to radically alter our economic structure, to socialize our health-care system, to transform our foreign policies, and to compromise our national sovereignty.

Those are his plans. And he’s deadly serious about fulfilling them.

But we can still stop him — if we act together in November.

We still have the power to prevent him from ideologically devastating and economically paralyzing this great nation. Because that’s what he plans to do.

But Obama can only accomplish his frightening agenda if the Democrats maintain their majority in one or both houses of Congress. We can block him by breaking his party’s monopoly on the legislative branch. And we can do it.

The change Barack Obama believes in is not the change we believe in.

His strategic mantra is REDISTRIBUTE!

He plans to redistribute wealth, to redistribute access to health care, and to raise taxes until it no longer makes sense for productive people to keep working. He intends to increase the Death Tax so that money that’s already been taxed once is taxed again — and then, yes, redistributed.

But that’s not all. He envisions creating an expansive, and expensive, federal government that regulates, controls, and pays for an ever-increasing percentage of our daily lives. We repeat: His dream is truly our nightmare.

He wants to minimize the sovereignty of the U.S. government over the United States of America itself, and, instead, maximize the authority of foreign nations over U.S. economic policy. He enthusiastically embraces a One World philosophy, instead of validating the importance of individual nations — including the nation whose laws and people he swore an oath to protect.

As part of this One World strategy, he treats our longtime friends and allies with suspicion, while welcoming our enemies with naïve tolerance. He insults the British and the French and betrays the Poles, while kowtowing to the North Koreans and the Iranians.

He agrees to allow the G-20 nations to replace the lower 48, Hawaii, and Alaska in deciding how much we can pay executives in private American corporations. If he’s not stopped in 2010, he’ll try to place the entire American economy under the rule of the International Monetary Fund and the G-20 (including countries like Argentina, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Russia). It’s in the works.

And the elections of 2010 may be our last chance to stop his plans for transforming the United States into a collectivist nanny state, a city-state of the world.

If we don’t turn the tide this fall, it may well be too late. If we reelect another rubber-stamp Congress, Obama will be able to change America so fundamentally that we won’t recognize it and likely won’t be able to change it back.

That’s how precarious things are.

If we deprive Obama of his lackeys in Congress, however, his extreme program will go nowhere. Which is just where it belongs.

It used to be that both parties in Congress had members who were well intentioned, independent thinkers. Congressional representatives who were courageous enough to diverge from their party and stand against legislation that went against their own beliefs and the strong will of their voters. But those days are over. If there’s one clear lesson we’ve learned from the health-care debacle, it is that the existence of a moderate democrat is now nothing but a myth.

At this moment, no more moderate Democrats exist. The species is extinct.

Now, there are only Democrats. Generic democrats. Robots. Automatons. John F. Kennedy — an independent-thinking Democrat of the old school — once said, “Sometimes party loyalty asks too much.” That is definitely the case today.

Today’s Democrats are nothing but sheep, blindly following their shepherds, Reid and Pelosi, wherever they are driven. But unlike the biblical shepherds in Jeremiah 3:15, Reid and Pelosi do not lead their flock with knowledge and understanding.4 No, they are ignorant wolves masquerading in shepherds’ clothing, dominating their pack by dangling campaign contributions, gargantuan earmarks, and threats.

That’s how legislation is passed today: by bribing the members with expensive goodies for their district. By threatening them with primaries. By forcing them to pass legislation during the middle of the night. Legislation they haven’t even read. Legislation they opposed, on principle, only weeks before.

Legislation their constituents overwhelmingly oppose.

But they don’t care. The Democrats in Congress have legislated with total disregard for public opinion.

The public knows that stimulus spending would not help the economy, but the Democrats passed it anyway.

The public wants less government, but the Democrats expanded it anyway.

The public opposes Obama’s notion of health-care “reform,” knowing it will worsen the quality of care, but the Democrats passed it anyway.

They just don’t care.

It’s no surprise that the public approval rating for Congress dropped to 18 percent in a recent Gallup poll, and that eight out of every ten Americans have a negative view of Congress.

This gap between what America wants and how Congress votes has grown into a profound chasm. It must be reversed. Because if we return a Democratic Congress once again in 2010, we are forfeiting our own voice in the way we’re governed.

And we certainly don’t want to do that. In fact, we must do just the opposite. We need to throw the Democrats and their leaders out of Congress and assert our right to a representative form of government. A Congress where our elected officials listen to their constituents, where they read and understand what they’re voting on and vote based on their conscience, not their party.

Is that asking too much?

Think about it: In less than a year, Obama has pushed the national deficit to $1.2 trillion. We now borrow forty cents of every dollar that we spend. This new debt level — increased by 25 percent in one year — will so undermine confidence in the dollar that U.S. currency may well lose its primacy among the world’s nations, permanently undermining America’s global position.

And that’s not all: If we let him continue to control Congress, Obama will use that deficit as a pretext to raise taxes so substantially that we will become, in effect, a fully European-style socialist country.

Can he do that?


Obama believes in these kind of changes. Obama’s economic policies can only be described as colossal failures. The unemployment rate has been hovering around 10 percent — but even that masks the true rate of 17.5 percent, once you factor in the number of people who are underemployed in part-time jobs or who have given up even looking for a job. And for these Americans there’s no relief in sight.

Billions of dollars later, it’s clear that Barack Obama’s ideas just aren’t working.

November 2, 2010, is the time to take back America.

Excerpted from “2010 Take Back America: A Battle Plan” by Dick Morris. Copyright (c) 2010, reprinted with permission from HarperCollins.