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DiCaprio lends a hand to victims of tsunami

Leonardo DiCaprio has made a “huge” contribution to tsunami relief through Unicef, says a source, who adds that the actor specified that he wanted the money to be targeted to helping the children of Thailand.
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Leonardo DiCaprio is joining the celeb effort to help the victims of the tsunami.

The actor spent a lot of time on Phi Phi island in Thailand filming “The Beach,” and he has made a “huge” contribution through Unicef, says a source, who adds that the actor specified that he wanted the money to be targeted to helping the children of Thailand. DiCaprio has also prominently featured a link to Unicef on his web site. DiCaprio’s publicist confirmed that the actor made the contribution, but declined to say exactly how much it was, other than to say it was “substantial.”

“He may be doing more. He’s in talks to do a PSA [public service announcement urging others to contribute]” says the rep. “Nothing is definite yet, but he is looking for other ways to help.”

Actress Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to the victims of disaster, and Hollywood watchers are expecting other stars to follow suit.

In more good news for the victims of the tsunami: water is on the way. But not just any water. Kabbalah water.

Leaders of the currently hot off-shoot of Judaism have sent more than 10,000 liters of the trendy bottled water to the disaster-stricken people of Indonesia. The drink is the favorite of celebs such as Madonna and Demi Moore. “The Kabbalah Centre has begun raising tens of thousands of dollars to ship their water to South East Asia,” a Kabbalah spokesman told The Scoop. “Our goal is raising one million for this project.”

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NEW YORK - DECEMBER 31: (U.S. TABLOIDS OUT) Singer Lindsay Lohan attends the MTV's Iced Out New Years Eve celebration on December 31, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Lindsay LohanPeter Kramer / Getty Images North America

Lindsay Lohan, whose breasts are the source of much speculation on plastic surgery web sites, says she grew them relatively late in life. “I developed very late in high school,” the “Mean Girls” star tells Cosmo Girl. “When I was 16, I still had baby fat. I didn’t get my chest until I was 17, so that made me feel insecure. I used to feel like I had to stuff my bra.”  ... Diana Ross is dropping out of her cosmetics deal with MAC, according to Scotland’s Sunday Mail, which reports that the diva didn’t like the names of the color line the company had chosen. MAC denies the story, and Ross’s rep wouldn’t comment. ... Jennifer Lopez wants to deep-six “J.Lo.” The star is asking people to stop using her hip-hoppish moniker. “I’m not J.Lo, she’s not a real person,” Lopez said, reports World Entertainment News Network. “She was just a bit of fun that got really crazy. I‘ve never been anyone but Jennifer. I was going to call the album Call Me Jennifer because that would be my way of saying goodbye to the whole J.Lo thing. But Rebirth is perfect because it means so much more.”

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