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Diane Lane delivers 'Pretty Woman' plot shocker on 'Late Late Show'

/ Source: TODAY

Julia Roberts won over moviegoers 26 years ago with her portrayal as a down-on-her-luck prostitute who found unlikely love with a rich businessman in the rom-com "Pretty Woman."

But the film wasn't always intended to be a sweet Cinderella story — and Roberts wasn't the only actress in the running for that lead role.

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"Trumbo" star Diane Lane also tried out for the part back in the day, and she shared some pretty dark details about "Pretty Woman" on the "Late Show" Tuesday night.

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"It seemed to me that every girl in Hollywood was crawling around in her underwear at that point in time — our best lingerie, let's be clear — to get this film," she told host James Corden. "Because at that time, it was a story about this psychotic call girl who had a delusion of grandeur."

In other words: no shopping spree, no jewelry surprises and certainly no infectious laughter.

And the ending was anything but happy.

"It was called '3,000' — her fee for the weekend," Lane explained. "And at the end of the film, she gets kicked out of a rolling limousine and into the street."

That prompted fellow "Late Late Show" guest Paul Rudd to joke about trying out for "300" — back when it was "about a muscular prostitute who gets chucked out of a chariot."

Actually, Rudd confessed that there was one big role he tried for that got away — the lead in "Titanic."

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"I think the guy that got it was pretty good," he deadpanned before channeling his inner-Leonardo DiCaprio for a "King of the World" moment with Lane.

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