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'Dexter's' Dark Passenger takes a bow 

Sunday night's episode of "Dexter" makes it clear that multitasking isn’t Dexter Morgan’s forte as he juggles avenging Evelyn Vogel’s murder, tying up his career and trying to slink off to Argentina with Hannah and his son, Harrison — with varying degrees of success.

It seems Dexter's Dark Passenger has taken the advice Deb and Hannah gave him and got the heck out of town -- just a little too early, as it turns out.

Also discovering that his Dark Passenger has exited the building in favor of love, Dexter’s lack of killer instinct leaves not only Deb in mortal danger, but his bright future in jeopardy.

Mama’s boys
In the immediate aftermath of Vogel’s butchering by her son, Dexter finds and destroys all of the good doctor’s files on his own killings so he can remain off the radar. He then spends his last day on the job at home, pondering how to bring Saxon down before running to Rio. Deb wants in on the vengeance for Vogel too, since the woman is the only reason the siblings reconciled. But she wants to pursue the creep the official way since, you know, she’s a cop again. Dexter wants to do it his way — with knives in Saxon’s own kill room.

Conveniently, Dex finds Saxon’s room of horrors, which also contains a laptop containing every one of his kill videos. It’s a handy arsenal of evidence for Dexter’s plan to smoke out Saxon. However, his wily adversary is one step ahead. Much to Dexter’s surprise, Saxon shows up at the precinct to provide Quinn a DNA swab to prove his innocence in Cassie’s murder. Thinking he’s toying with the cops, Dex instead flips the tables once more as he informs Deb that the sample will prove Saxon is really Daniel Vogel, and is genetically linked to Evelyn. Oh, burn.

But wait! In a twist you could see coming a mile away, Dexter’s real estate agent (hello there, Sylvia Prado from season three!) meets him at the condo with a cash-paying, potential buyer ... who just happens to be Saxon. He shoos Prado away so he can offer Dexter a deal: They both walk away and never look back, or Saxon will murder everyone Dexter loves. Instead of taking the advice of both Deb and Hannah to just get the heck out of Dodge, knuckleheaded Dexter is adamant that he needs to kill Vogel’s progeny now.

Saying goodbye
Back at Deb’s house, Hannah has booked “untraceable” flights for herself, Dexter and Harrison to South America and spends the rest of her free time baking dolmas, as Deb observes. That is until Marshal Clayton and Elway decide to shift their focus from Dexter to Deb in their search for Hannah, bringing Elway to Deb’s door to scope out signs of the fugitive. The set table and expensive heels in the corner that Deb wouldn’t be caught dead in are enough to tip off Elway before Deb throws him out. Knowing the jig is up, Deb drives Hannah to a new safe house, where they part ways, begrudgingly appreciating each other’s unconditional love for Dexter.

Deb sees on the news at her brother's home that Dexter has leaked Saxon’s kill videos to the media. He admits it’s a lure to get the wacko there, and it works.

Saxon later breaks in and lurks over Dexter’s sleeping form but is quickly brought into submission by the scheming siblings and wakes up tied to the chair in his own kill room. 

Killer no more?
As Dexter prepares to perform his last act of revenge, he discovers he’s lost that killing feeling: For the first time, instead of a thrill, Dexter is thinking only about how he’d rather be with Hannah. The Dark Passenger has been usurped by a stronger pull, so Dex calls Deb to take care of Saxon. Yes, just like that, Dexter’s calling has gone poof, along with his brains because he just leaves Saxon in the chair as he exits, hugs Deb goodbye and then goes to collect his kid and lover.

In eight years, Dexter’s gone from the most methodical serial killer ever to the sloppiest putz ever. Why? Because he drives right by Clayton, who slips into the kill room and discovers Saxon in his straps. He undoes the ties only to get a Saxon special. Adding insult to injury, Saxon then shoots Deb in the gut. She manages to fire a round into his shoulder as he escapes, but that’s not exactly comforting when she’s bleeding out on the floor.

Next week’s cliché alert: a literal storm (cue lightning flash!) will serve as backdrop for the showdown between Dexter and Saxon. Let’s hope Dexter’s Dark Passenger comes back wearing swim fins.