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'Dexter' shocker: Deb puts a deadly plan into action

As all "Dexter" fans know, "normal" for Debra Morgan usually means somewhere between enraged and hysterical — the fiery former cop does not do zen. So when she greeted her brother with an accepting smile toward the end of "Scar Tissue," it was like the atmospheric pressure plummeting before a hurricane: Her preternatural calm meant something was very, very wrong.

We'll always be together: Deb one-upped her dad's suicide by trying to kill herself and her brother! They may not have ended up in the Bay Harbor, but Deb nearly drowned the sibs by jerking the steering wheel of Dexter's car as he drove and plunged their car into the nearest body of water. Was it a spontaneous reaction to Dexter's confirmation that their dad couldn't live with the monster his son had become? Probably not. She already knew the truth, and she dropped her pretense of acceptance when she said, "I think I know how he felt, why he killed himself — but he only got it half right." (Also, her emotional goodbye to Quinn was tinged with an air of finality.)

Oopsy! What was supposed to be a nice little ride for Deb and Dexter turned into something not so pleasant.

'Swim Deep': Deb's deadly plan was foiled when a fisherman carried her to shore — where she watched as Dexter, trapped in the car, disappeared below the water. The moment morbidly recalls season seven's "Swim Deep" reminiscence of their childhood vacation in Myrtle Beach, when Dex left her stranded on the shore while he dove under the deep waves. Deb was willing to die with her brother, but she refused to survive without him. So she swam out and dove deep to free him from the car, with both emerging from the water's surface like Jason in the original "Friday the 13th."

Dear diary: The flash point for Deb's desperate decision was Dr. Vogel's secret video sessions with Harry — and now she's working on a Morgan family sequel! The Brain Surgeon eluded Dexter, but he left behind the patient files he hacked from Vogel ... all chronicling her new subject: Dexter Morgan! Talk about a best-seller! (It would be a nice companion to Sal Price's "Love on the Run.") Dexter might refuse to be her "lab rat" anymore, but he's going to have a hard time scratching his way out of her cage.

"No, Dr. Vogel! I will not be your lab rat!"

Who's your daddy? "Scar Tissue" was so momentous that we almost (but only almost) forgot to mention Masuka's bombshell (literally and figuratively): He has a biological daughter! And of course Miami Metro's resident letch would hit on the "hottie" college student ("You must be majoring in beautiful" = epic) before he learned the truth — that Nicky is the result of his sperm donation. (Eww.) It was inconceivable that the two could share any DNA ... until she laughed. That "heh heh heh" is all the proof we need!

Heh heh heh! Masuka's a daddy!