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'Dexter' shocker: Deb confesses to killing LaGuerta

Those Morgans really don't share Dexter's killer instinct, do they? Harry's guilt about nurturing his adopted son's vocation drove him to suicide, and this week on "Dexter," Deb is wandering around Miami like Lady Macbeth, torturing herself (and one innocent parking meter) because she gunned down LaGuerta last year. Unfortunately, her own suicide mission drove her to the police station to spill her guts.

So how did Dexter save his sister -- and himself -- from sharing the same fate as Hannah McKay? (Let's face it: They could never rock an orange jumpsuit like that femme fatale.)

Out, damned spot! You know how many people Dexter has killed to save his sister? She finally did him a solid by shooting their boss, but now Deb just can't let sleeping LaGuertas lie. So with the guilt eating away at her like Ms. Pac-Man (chased with a Big Gulp of liquid courage), she stumbled into Miami Metro to confess everything.

Deb is a hot mess when she shows up at Miami Metro to make her big confession, so it's Det. Quinn to the rescue!

Quinn for the win: First, Deb's knight in tarnished armor got his ex out of a DUI (this time, her only victim was a parking meter), then he saved her from being arrested for murder after her big admission. While she sobbed and slurred her confession, he steered her to an interrogation room and called her brother for help. Quinn may be a dirty cop, but the notion that Deb would kill one of their own was unthinkable to him. Naturally, he ascribed her meltdown to survivor's guilt -- especially with Dex and Dr. Vogel's backing. Somehow we don't think Deb will be too receptive to a free psychotherapy session with the good doctor -- especially when she wakes up from her whiskey-tranquilizer cocktail -- courtesy of Dexter -- to find herself handcuffed to her sofa.

Fine young cannibal: After Vogel received "his and hers" gift boxes of sliced Sussman brain, Dexter zeroed in on her aggrieved former patient and fitness promoter Ron Galuzzo. We've watched too many episodes of "Hannibal" to be really grossed out by Galuzzo's kill kitchen -- even the marinated gray matter. (Really, garlic sauce?! And finger stew? The refined palate of Dr. Lecter would be horrified. Might as well be green bean casserole.) Anyway, the wholly intact brain is all the proof Dexter needs to (1) know that the real Brain Surgeon killer is still at large and (2) make a meal (so to speak) out of Galuzzo himself.

Dr. Vogel's right: Dexter really is perfect -- at killing!

With yet another Miami serial killer on his slab, Dexter acknowledged one truth in Vogel's theory: "I am perfect, but only at one thing."

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