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'Dexter' returns! Three shockers from the season eight premiere

The team at Miami Metro pay their respects to LaGuerta.

After the shocks handed out during the past two seasons of "Dexter," viewers likely expected a thrilling start to its final season, and the premiere did not disappoint!

(Except for totally glossing over LaGuerta's murder. The always-gullible detectives didn't question the Morgans' account, and fans witnessed only Miami Metro's grief/apathy/relief via a lousy park bench dedication.)

Here are the three biggest jaw-droppers from "A Beautiful Day":

1. Deb be cray-cray
We expected Deb to be a mess after shooting her boss in cold blood and quitting the force, but snorting coke, swigging booze and hooking up with a criminal in a cheap motel? That was a surprise -- and yet, when you think about it, entirely consistent with her character.

Deb and new bad-boy love Andrew Briggs share some quality time in a cheap motel.

2. Dexter stabbed his sister's boyfriend
Given the short life spans of Deb's BFs, Briggs' death was inevitable -- but considering how much she obviously cared for him, we figured he'd warrant at least two episodes.

Moment of silence please for Andrew Briggs, Rudy Cooper, Sal Price and Frank Lundy -- and Anton Briggs' back. Wait a second, did Deb really have two boyfriends named Andrew Briggs and Anton Briggs? Are the writers even trying here? Or are we missing some kind of symbolism?

Don't forget your blood-sample slide, Dex.

3. Dex met his maker
Sooo, someone outside the Morgan family has the 411 on The Code. Introducing Dr. Evelyn "Frankenstein" Vogel, a neuropsychiatrist known by the FBI as the Psychopath Whisperer!

After volunteering to help Miami Metro track their latest sicko serial killer, she shows Dexter some adorable pictures he drew as a kid -- you know, the usual: bloody butcher knives and murdered humans and dogs. (See, Deb, Dad really did you a favor by giving Banjo to another family.)

Vogel's motives for sharing this intel seem shady at this point, but we bet she wasn't just offering the drawings to decorate Dex's fridge.

Dex seems none too pleased with Dr. Vogel

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