'Dexter' gets off to a tasty, cold start ... with an ice cream sandwich

Image: Coolhaus
The "Dexter" Coolhaus truck in midtown Manhattan on June 19, 2013.Today

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By Anna Chan

"Dexter" fans in New York and Los Angeles are in for a tasty treat. As Showtime prepares for the launch of the hit drama's final season and its push for some Emmy recognition, the network is giving fans in the two cities a special creation: a "Killer Combo" of an ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus this Wednesday through Sunday.

We hit up the Coolhaus truck parked at E. 53rd St. and Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday to check out the offering, and it was a concoction worthy of the vigilante killer. The sandwich features two sides to represent Dexter Morgan -- his light (Snickerdoodle cookie) and dark halves (double chocolate cookie), with Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream and a bloody delicious cherry swirl sandwiched in the middle.

The "Killer Combo" ice cream sandwich.Today

Yes, it was as yummy as it looks and sounds. (It would've been more fitting to have the sandwich dripping with all the blood Dexter tends to find at his crime scenes, but we're just being nitpicky.)

We weren't the only ones who were excited by the sight of Dexter Morgan's face on the side of an ice cream truck in New York. (And also a sign that read "FREE ice cream sandwich!") The line of "Dexter" and sweet treat fans went around the corner of the block. According to an employee, after being open for only two hours, they had already given away more than 265 ice cream sandwiches.

"Dexter" season eight kicks off on June 30 on Showtime. To see where the Coolhaus trucks will be next in New York and Los Angeles, follow @CoolhausNY and @CoolhausLA on Twitter.