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'Dexter' gets a little (deadly) family time

When we last saw "Dexter," Deb had just tried to drown and then save her brother from a watery grave. (See: victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher.)

Somehow their escapade completely escaped the notice of Miami's Finest — or at least it was never mentioned outside the duo's therapy sessions with Dr. Vogel. So instead of icing her out, the Sunshine State's sickest siblings sought her expertise.

Guess all Dex and Deb needed to bond again was to kill someone together. Hurray, family time!

Just like old times: With Vogel's help, Deb and Dexter reconciled — with bonus bickering. "You only had to save me because you tried to kill me," grumbled Dex, who was especially aggrieved at the idea of Harrison being an orphan.

"OK, so I'm not perfect," she retorted (while also redefining "understatement").

"Do you think it's easy being your brother?" Touché!

Throw in a little aversion therapy in the storage container for Deb's PTSD, and the doctor was just about ready to close her case file. (Or send it to her publisher.)

Yes, Mother: Unfortunately, Vogel was rudely interrupted when the Brain Surgeon killer — her former patient Albert Yates — decided to abduct her (to the score of "Downtown" — okaaaay?). While Vogel and Yates role-played Norman Bates and Mother, Deb and Dex reteamed to save her. And they did — with Dexter dispensing with the troubled shoe fetishizer by impaling him with a curtain rod. (Through a mattress!)

The killing culminated with Dexter inviting them aboard his Slice of Life, where the women watched as he tossed Yates' body overboard. Deb's remark marked a serious change in their Facebook status: "The family that kills together ..."

Is Dr. Vogel getting all "spiritual mother" on A.J. Yates too?

All in the family: This episode used a sledgehammer to draw parallels between the Morgans and other story arcs. Masuka enlisted Deb's help to delve into his daughter's background and whether she has ulterior financial motives for seeking him out. Meanwhile, a creepy, murderous rich kid (whose family Matthews — following his usual MO — insists on treating with kid gloves) is shaping up to be Dexter's next target.

Is Niki looking for a father figure -- or something else?

No1Curr: Jamie Batista is trying to set Dexter up with his pretty neighbor, Cassie. Whatever. Will Hannah McKay come back already?