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'Dexter' brain surgeon killer strikes close to home

Maybe it's a good thing Dexter Morgan is planning an escape to Argentina: Our favorite serial killer is really off his game -- and his kill room must be awfully dusty.

It's revolving Morgans at Miami Metro: Dex (Michael C. Hall) may be leaving, but Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) reclaimed her badge -- and her old partner, Joey Quinn.

Yes, just when Dexter thought he could dispatch one last big bad before fleeing with Hannah and Harrison, the brain surgeon bested him once again.

Favorite son
Evelyn Vogel paid the ultimate price for choosing Dexter, her "spiritual son," over her adorable offspring Daniel. Turns out she once ignored the poor kid in favor of his brother, so Daniel was forced to kill Richard … and a bunch of other folks. He had a lot to prove! Dexter finally persuaded Vogel that he was really a very bad boy and deserved to die, but Daniel, aka Saxon, caught on to their plan. While Dexter watched helplessly outside her window, Saxon slit his (their?) mother's throat and escaped.

Instead of going after the killer, Dexter, the blood-spatter expert, held her in his arms while she bled to death. Hey, at least Saxon didn't saw into her skull like poor Zach in that snuff video!

(While we're on the subject of parenting, did anyone else overdose on Harry Morgan this episode? He might have had more lines than Deb.)  

Crazy stupid love
Dexter has proven himself to be a cunning serial killer/crimefighter, but when it comes to Hannah McKay, he's a bigger dimwit than his colleagues at Miami Metro. Dexter had a chance to make a clean escape to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison, but by resigning from his job with two weeks' notice -- as opposed to, say, taking two weeks' vacation -- he set off Deputy Marshal Clayton's Spidey sense. After all, Miami's most-wanted black widow -- and Dex's ex-girlfriend -- had just been spotted in the area. Seriously, why bother with disguises when there's a bounty on your beautiful blond head? It's no wonder the ER nurse recognized Hannah when she rushed in with Harrison for stitches on his chin. (Dex was busy setting up his kill room for Saxon. Oops.) Although Deb has successfully covered for Hannah and her dearly departing bro, it's only a matter of time before Clayton and a very disgruntled Elway connect the dots.

Just like old times
It's revolving Morgans at Miami Metro: Dex may be leaving, but Deb reclaimed her badge -- and her old partner, Joey Quinn. And not just in a professional sense, either. After he finally broke up with Jamie Batista (who so conveniently got a job offer in Atlanta), Deb admitted she never stopped loving him. Awww. With everything about to hit the fan, maybe they can run away to Argentina too?

Or not: Things don't look so good for anyone -- including Deb and Quinn -- in the previews for the final two episodes. But is anyone expecting "Dexter" to have a fairy-tale ending?