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Devious troll outplays tribe mate on ‘Survivor’

in the battle of Boston "Godfather" Rob versus Samoa "King Troll" Russell on "Survivor," Russell won by beating Rob at his own game.
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The Godfather is no more, and the King has his scalp.

Yes, in the battle of Boston "Godfather" Rob versus Samoa "King Troll" Russell on "Survivor," Russell won. Although Rob had five votes in his alliance compared to just three people in Russell's alliance, Russell beat Rob at his own game, and Russell's ego will now swell up so much it may force him to be medically evacuated.

"It's game over. It's either you or me," Rob said as he cast his vote, and unfortunately for him, it was game over for the five-time CBS reality TV star who's now lost his bid for $1 million each time, but remains so well-known that he was a punch line on a recent episode of "30 Rock."

After the Heroes finally won an immunity challenge — their second of six, which is unbelievable considering they're supposed to be among the game's best players ever — the Villains had to decide who to turn on. Should they vote out Russell, who blindsided everyone last week and is a loose cannon who doesn't seem trustworthy? Or Rob, who was the dominant force in the tribe, helping them win challenge after challenge, but also largely controlling the strategy? There was a third possibility, too: Courtney, who seemed like she'd break in half if she ran in another challenge.

Russell, of course, argued for Rob, and feeling like he could go after his enemy, Russell became cockier than ever. After last week’s surprise at Tribal Council when he gave up immunity to Parvati and would have gone home except for the fact that Tyson changed his vote, Russell did his best impression of a Samoa blowhole.

"I am that good where I can bring people together in this game for my good," he said, specifically citing Jerri and Parvati. At Tribal Council, he challenged Rob, saying, "I don't think you have the guts to do what I did last Tribal."

Russell successfully lobbied Jerri, who insisted she's not a good villain, but she did a great job of making viewers and Russell-haters dislike her by switching sides.

Jerri was at first skeptical of aligning with Russell and his group — including Parvati, who promised to take her to the final four. Jerri asked, "How can you guarantee that?" But later, as she told a wounded Coach, who was upset that she didn't consult him first, Jerri thought "it took huge balls" for Russell to make the move he did last week, and on top of that, she said, "I don't trust Rob."

Coach saw right through Russell's act, and pointed out that "Russell is just sitting there spinning a pure line of gold." But Coach promised Russell he'd vote for Rob after promising Rob he'd vote for Russell. So much for loyalty!

Instead of making a decision, Coach just voted for Courtney, which meant that instead of a tie, Rob went home. Jerri was a swing vote, too, and as she explained when she cast her vote, she went against Rob "in hopes this will be right for me in the end."

Jeff Probst said that the vote, whichever way it went, would "mark a turning point for this tribe." Based on the preview for next week, it's turning into a disaster.

Meanwhile, in the immunity challenge, Colby redeemed himself with the Heroes by scoring multiple baskets, and then celebrated by lifting Candice and placing his hand on bottom, giving himself a reward before the tribe's prize of a meal by a waterfall.

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