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‘Devil is gone’ as ‘Big Brother’ finale approaches

Thursday's show was pretty draggy, but three contestants will go on to compete for $500,000 prize on Tuesday.
/ Source: Entertainment Weekly

There were times recently when I thought, if I hadn’t put in so many hours watching “Big Brother 11,” I’d give up now, that I don’t really care very much whether Kevin, Natalie, or Jordan wins.

But then something happens, as it did Thursday. It could be an endearing comment (the way Jordan said to Natalie, “You’re a little instigator!”), or an especially malicious thing Natalie said (exulting in Michele’s eviction: “The devil is gone, evil is gone; don’t you just feel rejuvenated?”), or a particularly honest observation by Kevin (”My word means nothing in this game” — thank goodness there’s still one person in the house who knows what’s up).

So… I can’t resist: I watch on. SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you don’t want to know what happened Thursday night.

Julie Chen announced that the final HOH would be a three-parter, and that all three remaining contestants would go to finale night. (That is, Tuesday’s live, two-hour concluding installment.) Kevin won the first part of the HOH competition, the log-rolling endurance test. He sat out the second part, and Jordan won that one, a combo memory-test and ball-rolling competition. “I’m sweatin,’” she twanged, and so was I, a little bit. Jordan hasn’t been the greatest player by any means, but she’s certainly a charmer.

Jeff’s arrival at the jury house was just as he predicted: the jury members razzed him for a while, and then he settled right in.

The special visit by what were billed as four of the greatest BB players ever was a dull bust. Mike Boogie, Evel Dick, Danielle, and Janelle? All were subdued (well, Dick was merely smug — what else?) and Danielle was particularly inarticulate.

So except for the Jordan-Natalie competition, Thursday was pretty draggy, don’t you think?

At this point, I wish Jordan would perform a miracle and win, but good sense tells me Kevin will win, which will not disappoint me at all, either. The guy’s earned it. There’s no way Natalie can take it all, right?

Right? Is there something I’m not considering?

As for Sunday’s special hour of, as Chen put it, “hilarious and embarrassing moments”? No, thanks, Julie; I’ll be popping corn in preparation for the “True Blood” finale.