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Despite hard work and threats, Bob couldn't save one 'Biggest Loser' contestant

Trae Patton / Today
Jeremy Britt shows off his Zumba moves on "Biggest Loser."

The vacation was over for the contestants of "The Biggest Loser" on Tuesday night. After a week filled with sun and fun in Hawaii, they arrived back on the ranch ready to disprove another common weight-loss excuse in the season of no excuses: "Exercise is boring."

As such, with a whole lot of help from trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince, the gang took on a variety of anything-but-boring workouts.

For instance, Dolvett's former red team of Mark, Buddy, Jeremy and Kim hit a packed Zumba class to show just how exciting a dance-filled fitness routine can be. The group suffered from nerves at first, but Buddy soon showed them the ropes.

"(I figured I) might as well just go for it and try to Zumba from the depths of my soul," he said before doing just that with some hilarious moves. "I even took my glasses off. That's like serious Buddy. We're here, and it's about to get Zumba-licious."

Team Buddy! After all of the negativity from certain players this season -- cough-Conda-cough -- we need more goofy, upbeat antics from Buddy.

As for Bob's bunch, they, too, were far from bored, but they were also far from a fun dance floor. Instead, Bob took Megan, Chris and Conda for an uphill bike ride.

Actually, while Chris and Conda were along for the ride, Bob focused almost exclusively on Megan. With her mom, Kimmy, now out of the game, the veteran "Loser" trainer decided to make Megan his pet project.

Other than the biking, Bob insisted she keep a video diary of all of her solo workouts to ensure she was really doing all of the assigned exercises. He also employed some tough-love motivation during the rest of her workouts -- really tough.

"I better see vomit at the end of this," he shouted before one particularly grueling session. "I swear to God, Megan, I will cut your hair off and kill you if you don't do this."

Um. Some might find that more frightening than anything else, but at least Megan found it motivating -- just not motivating enough.

Despite Bob's best (and worst) efforts and Megan's hard work, she fell short at the weigh-in.

The "Biggest Loser" of the week was Kim, who dropped 7 pounds after acing an earlier challenge that awarded the sort of motivation a trainer just can't offer -- $1,000 for each pound shed. On the other end of the scale was Mark, who didn't lose anything.

With 4 pounds down, Megan fell just above Mark in the stats and just below the yellow line.

The rest of the contestants voted to send her home, but it wasn't really a loss for the ousted player. An update revealed that Megan has since lost even more weight, and she's gained a fiancé.

Do you think Mark should have been voted out for his 0-pound loss, or was Megan the right pick? And what do you think of the new, tougher Bob? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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