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‘Desperate’ Susan does time on chain gang

When Susan learns something about Katherine and Mike's sex life, she is determined to best Katherine once again.
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On the chain gang: Susan was sentenced to picking up roadside trash for shooting Katherine. But when Katherine drove by to taunt her and dumped her own trash, she, too, was sentenced to the same community service. Katherine later broke down and admitted that she'd lost Mike, but then let it slip that she and Mike were like rabbits when it comes to the bedroom. Of course, that was a challenge to Susan, and Mike was suddenly wondering why his wife was so frisky. She finally explained what Katherine had said, and Mike told her that sex was the only thing he and Katherine had in common, whereas he and Susan were soulmates.

Miami vice: Lynette wanted co-worker Terrence to stay at the company so he could fill in while she was on maternity leave, but Carlos wanted him to manage the Miami office. Gaby wanted Terrence to go, too — so Juanita could nab Terrence's daughter's spot in Catholic school. Lynette and Tom talked up the bad side of Miami, getting Terrence and his wife to refuse the transfer — which meant no space in second grade for Juanita. But then Gaby found out Lynette was expecting, and while she didn't spill the beans, Lynette did. Carlos was upset she'd kept the secret for so long, and told her either she took the Miami job or she was out.

Creepiness at the coffee shop: Nick was hanging out, and flirting, with a cute young coffee shop waitress. When she was out of sight, he made a quick call on a disposable cell phone, telling a mysterious "agent" that "Black Owl" was thinking about coming in — but he wanted a free pass for someone, presumably Angie. The waitress stumbled onto the call, and a few minutes after Nick had left, a mysterious someone came into the shop and strangled her. Yes, it could be Nick, but she'd also had a phone call that didn't end well with another guy shortly before the attack. Red herring or real attacker?

Faithful friend: Orson asked Angie to spy on Bree when he left town. She refused, but then stumbled onto Bree and Karl getting hot and heavy just as Orson returned home. Angie covered for Bree, and Orson seemed to buy it. But then Bree confessed the only thing she has in common with Karl is their passion, whereas opera-loving Orson is more in her social class. But Karl had already proposed an idea: Get Orson, who's still on parole, photographed associating with a known felon, then blackmail him to leave Bree alone. Good thing just about everyone on Wisteria Lane is a known felon!

Best line: "Yeah, yeah, selfish Gaby, same old song, join in if you know the words." --Gaby, after Lynette expresses amazement about the Catholic school plan.

ABC product placement: Mike tells a frisky Susan: "What's gotten into you? Even on my birthday you told me to hurry up because 'The Bachelor' was on." That's "The Bachelor" returning to ABC early in 2010, folks! Mark your calendars!

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper is's Television Editor.